How to create Kamut Cereal: Cream of Kamut & Cracked Kamut Cereal

Ready to create Kamut Cereal?

Kamut may be a alimental unqualified grain that contains a pleasing honey-like flavor and a remarkable texture. It is used for creating a wholesome breakfast cereal. strive cream of Kamut or cracked Kamut cereal. you'll obtain the massive kernels during a whole foods market and you may would like one thing to crack or grind the grain.

If you'd prefer to strive creating Kamut cereal, there are a pair of how to travel regarding this.This article provides directions for 2 varieties of Kamut cereal. browse on for change of state directions to form cream of Kamut cereal or cracked Kamut cereal.

Good Nutrition Starts With Kamut Kernels

Freshly-Ground and Nutritionally Sound

If you like to grind your grain recent, before use, obtain whole Kamut kernels and use a hand-cranked grain grinder, that is sweet for smaller tasks and may be known as on for creating freshly ground Kamut flour anytime you would like it for creating cereal. you would possibly like this to urge the foremost nutrition from your freshly ground grain.

Another route is to use a grain grinder and grind up larger quantities in order that you've got your flour available. If you've got a busy schedule you will opt to do that. you may still be serving your family a nutritionally-superior breakfast by victimization organic grain and you will shave day without work by grinding your grain sooner than time.

Why create Kamut Cereal?

Whatever you choose, selecting to form Kamut cereal one among your breakfast foods will go a protracted thanks to increasing and up nutrition. Why serve a commercially ready cereal that has Sabbatum on shelves for much months and includes preservatives and chemicals? whereas these cereals is also quick and convenient, you shortchange your health by overwhelming nutritionally inferior foods.

Cream of Kamut Cereal

Grain must be Finely Ground
If you would like to form cream of Kamut cereal, grind your grain fine before continuing with the steps below, or purchase freshly ground organic Kamut grain. this is often essentially Kamut flour. You cook this to form a cereal that has the consistency of creamed wheat.

  1. Place two cups of water during a little pot. Heat water slightly however don't have it boiling or ground Kamut can clump up.
  2. Using a whisk, stir in 1/2 cup of Kamut flour. Add flour step by step in little amounts in order that lumps do not kind.
  3. If little lumps occur, keep stirring to interrupt up the bottom grain

Continue to cook and stir regarding five minutes, till your cereal is done.
Cereal are going to be watery, at first, however can thicken because it cooks and tackle the consistency of creamed cereal.

Even if you finish up with some little lumps, these won't bring down from your cereal. It takes a pair of times to urge a compassionate a way to create this cereal. I realize the simplest methodology is to stir flour in water before it boils.

Cereal Consistency
Add additional water for a agent cereal or, if a thicker cereal is most popular, continue change of state on low heat.

Serving suggestion:

Remove from heat and scoop done cereal out into a bowl. Add in nutty and ground flax seeds. high with almond cream, an exquisite, dairy-free topper for cereal.

A Creamy cereal

Kernels Are Cracked before change of state
Another way to form Kamut cereal is to truly crack the grain before change of state it. to form a cracked cereal, you may would like a Vita-Mix. With this methodology you are doing not really grind your grain into a flour, instead you crack the kernel. This makes for a denser, chewier cereal.

  • Pour 1/2 cup of Kamut kernels into a Vita-Mix and follow directions for cracking grain.
  • Cook the cracked Kamut grain in two cups of gently boiling water.
  • Cracked Kamut cereal can take longer to cook.
  • Stir oft.

Yummy Extras
Why not add some alimental extras once creating these 2 varieties of cereal.

  • Ground flax seeds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Sliced bananas
  • Berries

Did You Know?
Freshly ground or cracked grain delivers the foremost nutrition thus is that the better option from a organic process posture.

Ground Flax & flower Seeds Add additional Goodness

Sweetening Kamut Cereal

  • Choose honey, sirup|syrup|sirup} or a syrup freed from preservatives to sweeten your cereal.
  • Almond milk or almond cream makes an ideal topping.

Wheat Sensitivities?
Those with wheat sensitivities might realize Kamut a decent dietary different. Kamut may be a whole grain thought of a recent player in North yankee grain production, one which will be appropriate to those trying to find alternatives.

Great Tasting Grain for Cereal and additional
Once you have tried Kamut, you will be wanting to add it to different foods. you'll use your ground Kamut flour in pancakes, muffins, and home-baked bread. With its lightweight texture and honeyish flavor, it's a satisfying whole grain, one that adapts well for various foods.

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