How To create hot cereal For Breakfast

Have you ever had mush? though the name does not sound appealing, it's going to shortly become one in every of your favorites for breakfast. it is the cereal made up of Indian meal and makes a pleasant amendment from oatmeal or cold cereals very first thing within the morning.

Starting your day with a heat bowl of cereal, be it mush, oatmeal, or Cream of Wheat, keeps you glad till mealtime rolls around. No a lot of fast, calorie-laden, mid-morning snacks once you begin the day with one in every of these 3.In some countries, it'll be referred to as creamy mush and is served aboard meats and stews.

Below you may see simply however simple it's to form hot cereal or mush in virtually no time in any respect.


  • 3/4 Cup Indian meal
  • 3/4 Cup Cold Water
  • 2 1/2 Cups Boiling water
  • 3/4 teaspoon Salt


  1. Mix along Indian meal and cold water, in an exceedingly medium cooking pan. this can be the time to form positive you take away as several lumps as potential. Notice the colour amendment because it cooks. Be Warned! As this boils it'll splatter and it'll burn if it hits your skin. it's virtually volcanic!
  2. Stir in boiling water and salt.
  3. Cook over medium heat, stirring perpetually, till mixture thickens and boils.
  4. Once it begins to boil, cut back the warmth to low. this could take regarding ten minutes.

How to Serve Indian meal Cereal or mush
Pour the hot cereal into a bowl, high with sugar (brown or white) or honey if you favor. you'll be able to additionally add a knob of butter for further richness. combine this into the mush. If it's still a touch thick for your feeling add milk and blend.

You can additionally place a small indefinite quantity of jam, raisins or maybe cut apples in it. do not stop there tho', adding cinnamon or nutmeg would additionally raise the variations of this healthy breakfast cereal.

This is sensible wholesome food and a good thanks to begin any day. Nothing artificial in there.

Kids love this and it's abundant healthier than most of the favored breakfast cereals on the market.

Fried hot cereal & Toppings

Although i'm writing regarding victimisation it as a heat cereal, it can also be deep-fried once it's been allowed to line. this may be done by gushing the medium mixture into a lubricated loaf pan or shallow baking dish. Refrigerate this nightlong to permit it to arrange. subsequent morning it will then be sliced, dredged in flour and so deep-fried.

***Remember that splatter guard***

Drain on paper towels to get rid of the surplus oil.

This can be served with sirup or jam.

Although the higher than methodology is that the approach the general public eat it, growing up, in our house it had been deep-fried while not the flour, and deep-fried till tender. This was then drained on paper towels and sprinkle with salt. it had been sort of a huge corn chip! I will still keep in mind hoping that if my mother gave my sisters 1st selection, that they would not take the crispiest ones, they were invariably my favorite.

When I have spoken with my friends, they said, in their families, they used syrup on their deep-fried mush.

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