Easy Breakfast Burritos direction

Make Your 1st Meal of the Day Count

Looking for a hearty, however healthy breakfast for your family? do not even assume nourishment - assume straightforward breakfast burritos. In quarter-hour, you'll have a meal that may fill you up with healthy supermolecule to power you on your day.

They say that breakfast is that the most significant meal of the day. when 10-12 hours of fast, you're virtually "breaking the quick," together with your 1st bite within the morning.

A breakfast loaded with sugar will boost you up quickly, however end in a crash later, going you lethargic and hungry. simply the correct balance of carbohydrates and supermolecule can energize you and keep your glucose at a pleasant, even and consistent level. My tip? Save the sugar-coated breakfasts for the weekend!

This breakfast dish direction contains all four of the most food groups: farm, lean supermolecule, grains and vegetables. the sweetness of it, however, is that you just will tweak your meal preparation to suit your distinctive tastes and dietary needs.

How to build a Breakfast dish
This direction makes four breakfast burritos - good for a busy family! In but 1/2 hour, you'll go from begin to complete and out the door.

My youngsters love this direction and kindle it often!


  • 8 eggs
  • 1/4 c. milk
  • 4 whole wheat tortillas
  • 1/2 c. sliced store cheese or Monterey Jack cheese
  • 4 oz. lean pre-cooked ham or turkey, chopped
  • 1 shredded tomato
  • 1 shredded scallion
  • 2 T. shredded recent cilantro, if desired
  • 1 T. taco seasoning
  • salt and pepper to style


1. in a very medium sized bowl, stir eggs and milk along with a fork, ending the yolks (if desired, this direction is created with egg whites solely - separate the yolks out before adding to the bowl and discard or save yolks for an additional recipe). Salt and pepper, if desired.

2. Spray a fry pan with non-stick coating and add egg mixture. Cook eggs over medium-low heat, stirring unendingly till eggs are done. Stir in cheese and pre-cooked ham or turkey, and taco seasoning. take away from heat and put aside. Clean the fry pan, removing egg remnants.

3. victimization the identical fry pan, spray once more with non-stick coating (or, soften 1-2 T of margarin or butter over medium low heat). Add every battercake wrap, one at a time and cook over medium heat, concerning three minutes both sides. take away from heat and keep heat.

4. within the center of every battercake, place concerning 1/3 c. of the egg mixture, sprinkle shredded tomatoes, onions and herbs over the highest and salt and pepper if you want. Fold the underside of the battercake up concerning 1/4, and so fold within the sides, then roll.

5. Serve with recent tomato condiment, sour cream, or sauce, if desired.

Variations on the essential Breakfast dish direction

The original breakfast dish direction higher than is fairly low-fat (less than eight grams of fat for every burrito), and smart in calorie count (about three hundred calories per burrito).

You can decide however healthy you wish your own breakfast dish, however! Here's some steered revisions that may modification the fat and calorie count a bit:

  • Try corn or flour tortillas rather than whole wheat - less fiber and a less "nutty" style
  • Replace eight whole eggs with 9-10 egg whites; or use a pair of cups of egg substitute and cut out the milk
  • Experiment with completely different cheeses - pepper jack can add some kick, or attempt a gentle cheese or Swiss cheese
  • Go meatless or use bean curd rather than meat for a tasty green goods burrito!
  • One word: bacon. Sure, its not low-fat, however therefore tasty and delicious!
  • Try completely different veggies: shredded white or yellow onions, avocado slices, jalapeno peppers are all glorious. attempt recent spinach too! Add healthy fiber with 1/2 c. Equus caballus or black beans
  • Consider adding one c. stir-fried cubed russet potatoes for a heartier breakfast dish
  • Change up the herbs and spices - parsley, thyme, or rosemary are smart bets. attempt stirring in a very pinch of curry, or jalapeno for one thing extremely unique!

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